Christopher Perkins


Since I, I and we are
not a scarcity

listen! Did you
Hear the sound of
Eco-home awaking
In the jetfighter air,
In the raped and cultivated lands,
In the warm waters,
In the thunderbolts

Alone; so alone

It proved the physicality
Of my being once

Rock older
Tree wiser

In a moment of
Inattention it returned,
Empirical or not

A stale taste left
In my mouth
Perhaps too, too much cheap coffee
I don't regret it with a stick of soft gum

Gluing together the lips in frustrated urgency
The world was never created
Because it is in the process of creation
No museum for it!

Those who happen to be poor
Don't want our respect
They might want our money

How aggressive are our words ----
I looked to the tree
It told me thus
In uncanned velocity

Under the hallucination of identity
The division between state and corporate
Has Moloch gone; where is Moloch?

I am a guest here, completely
Humans consume; we are not consumer
Write this poem
Faster since I am
Not getting paid
By the word, you know.

Invented scarcity
Parsed complexity
Effectively speaking

Find a friend,
They are out there

The numbers look pretty
I was not ready to compete.

Christopher Perkins hails from Utah. He has recently complete his Master's and is now a Fulbright Scholar in France. Danse Macabre welcomes him back to our pages.