Branch Isole

40 Winks

eavy laden lids
gently flutter
Audible sighs
from parted lips
slowly stutter
Air intake
Subconscious trek
unravels its fun
Today's nap
has begun

Space and time travel
Universe unfolds
Where shall we go today?
Seven minutes of horror
or play?

Between these three
a molecular thin line,
the choice and decision
is in the mind
Travel near or travel far
You'll be exactly where
you imagine you are

Your reclining body
may be on the bed
but the rest of you
is in your head
Experiencing that
which you think is real,
and you could swear it is
by the way you feel

And who's to say
it's not . . .

For every element is present
proving beyond a doubt
you may be physically down
but you're never mentally out

So nap and dream
laugh or scream
for as your body rests,
in those minutes
your mind is busy
exploring its outer limits

Branch Isole poets from Hawaii. More of his writing can be found at Danse Macabre welcomes him and all Five-O to our pages.